We never leave each other.

Due to the difficult economic situation in all regions of Ukraine, there are no budget subsidies currently available for the purchase of painkillers for oncology patients in the terminal stage of the disease. Enamin Charity Fund helped pay for chemotherapy courses for 10 patients from Kyiv region, Chernihiv, Zaporizhzhia, and Kramatorsk and provided them with appropriate painkillers.

Medical equipment for hospitals

We are restoring life in the frontline regions of Ukraine, step by step.

Enamine Charity Fund and the Charity Fund “For the Children of Ukraine” give long-term storage of food and necessities to the civilian population of the region. We are restoring life in the frontline regions of Ukraine, step by step.
Our strength comes from our solidarity!

Together with the Charity Fund “For the Children of Ukraine” 200 tactical first-aid kits were purchased and handed over.

For more targeted and more effective assistance to voluntary formations of territorial communities, Enamine Charity Fund develops partnerships with its colleagues from other Charitable Funds of Ukraine. Together with the Charity Fund ‘For the Children of Ukraine’, 200 tactical first-aid kits were purchased and handed over, which will provide our soldiers with first aid at the front.

Civilian medicine and military medicine.

During the war, it is difficult to establish priorities because every person, every life, both a soldier of the Armed Forces and a Ukrainian civilian, is of equal importance. Enamine Charity Fund is developing its activity program in the areas of civilian medicine and military medicine. 5 cancer patients received assistance as a result of the civil medicine partnership with Charity Fund “Svoi”.

A support program for Emergency Medical Assistance and Disaster Medicine Centers has been implemented.

Enamine Charity Fund is launching a program of support for the Centers of Emergency Medical Assistance and Disaster Medicine, created on the initiative of the All-Ukrainian Council for Resuscitation and Emergency Medical Assistance.
Charitable assistance of Enamine Fund will be addressed to the wounded at the front and will ensure the functioning of health care at the front.
The first tranche of assistance concerns the purchase of 7 sets of reusable Airtraq Avant video laryngoscopes in accordance with the needs of medical institutions of Ukraine, and transport logistics to the end user. You can find the full report on the purchase of video laryngoscopes here.

Competition “Chemistry teacher, Enamine”

Dear winners of the competition “Teacher of Chemistry, Enamine” !
Enamine Charity Fund would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of you on the upcoming Easter holiday and assure you that we will continue to support our educators, despite the difficult situation in Ukraine, connected with Russia’s armed aggression against our country. The payment of scholarships will continue in keeping with the charitable foundation’s obligations. Thanks to all of you who continue the education of our children in difficult conditions! We wish you and your family safety and good health. We believe in the armed forces of Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!

Educational hubs for children and teenagers are available.

On April 18, 2022, Enamine Charity Fund began financing the  EDUCATOR SCHOOL as part of a project to create educational hubs for children and teenagers from among internally displaced persons.

A chemistry book for schoolchildren.

Even during war, Enamine Charity Fund helps Ukrainian chemical science and education. The funding for the creation of a modern manual on the basics of chemistry for students of grades 7-11 has been fully extended since March. The foundation will continue to prioritize training talented young people for Ukrainian science and industry.