About us

ENAMINE global supplier of organic compounds for scientific experiments, research programs and the search for new medications for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Ukrainian private company ENAMINE is one of the world leaders in reseach among private reseach companies in research in the field of fine organic synthesis, medical chemistry and synthesis of organic compounds to order. We work with leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies and research centers in Europe, North America, Australia, China and Japan. ENAMINE’s reputation is one of the company’s most valuable assets, and customer trust is our most important asset.

Vertically integrated support for the development of Ukrainian chemical science:


financing the development and implementation of modern curricula in chemistry, scholarships for the best Ukrainian school teachers of chemistry and sponsorship of the Ukrainian Chemistry Olympiad, team training for the World Chemistry Olympiads


support of advanced Ukrainian technology companies


sponsoring the development and implementation of modern curricula in organic chemistry, biology in university programs, scholarships for the best young scientists, the creation of educational laboratories in educational institutions with modern technological equipment and comprehensive support of Ukrainian chemists